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Great People

Sometimes when you meet new people you get this feeling that you have known them for years. And sometimes when you visit a good restaurant or drink a great glass of wine, the taste stays with you for a while.

A lot of people write to me and complement me on my unique style. But you want to know my secret? Well, it’s not me it’s my customers! I wouldn’t be half as good if they weren’t such amazing people (no, I’m not kissing anyone’s butt!).

I meet with all of my customers in person (or via Skype, if they live abroad) before I book them. This way I can make sure that the chemistry is right between us and that the cusotmers feel VERY comfortable with me. Only then we sign a contract. The benefit is, that once the wedding day arrives we all know it’s going to be fun and great atmosphere for all of us. Isn’t that what also you wish for on your wedding day? Therefore, sorry, I NEVER close a contract via e-mail only.

Thank you, Corina & Roger, for another great day with great people 🙂

The busy season has already started & I’m so exited about the upcoming weddings. I’m pretty much booked between now and the end of October but still have a few available dates. So, if you are getting married this year and are interested to work with me, please, hurry up and send me a quick e-mail!

I also started offering a unique video shooting on your wedding day. If you are interested to see some samples, please, contact me.

I’m happy to announce that I have started the booking for 2013. For now, I can tell you that most likely May 2013 will be “sold out” first 🙂



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